We Are 1 in 8
Statistics say that 1 in 8 couples struggle to get pregnant or maintain a pregnancy. My name is Kristen and my husband is Jared; we are 1 in 8.
After trying to conceive for over a year, Jared and I felt it was time for us to seek medical advice. I had already experienced many health issues during that year, so we made an appointment for me first and Jared came with me. I was afraid to hear whatever the doctor may say and didn’t want to make any decisions without him.
The doctor asked all the typical questions and we told her about my history with migraines, the highly likelihood that I had endometriosis and that we had been trying for over a year. She quickly listed off all sorts of tests and a couple potential surgeries I might need. She even suggested a test for Jared. 
She then told me to start taking any prenatal supplement that contained folic acid. When she mentioned supplements, it came up that I use natural supplements and products. What came out of her mouth next shocked me. I can’t quote her word for word as it’s been years since this appointment, but she all but told me that I could kill myself by using that sort of stuff. It wasn’t a kind and concerned warning. It felt like she was looking down her nose at me or even scolding me for caring about my own health and having a preference. We finished the appointment, walked out, and never went back. I was even more determined to find a natural option to try before resorting to any type of procedure or surgery.

Fertility Challenges
The National Institute of Health lists these as reasons that a couple may struggle to conceive. 
  • Females
    • Problems with the cycle
    • Structural problems with the reproductive system
    • Infections
    • Failure to mature egg
    • Endometriosis
    • Polycystic Ovarian System
    • Primary Ovary Insufficiency 
    • Uterine Fibroids
    • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Males
    • Problems with Sperm Formation
    • Problems with Sperm Transportation
What They Don’t Talk About
Have you ever done an internet search on the ingredients in your personal care, makeup, perfume, laundry soap, dish soap, and cleaners in your home? You’re probably wondering why I’m asking. Did you know that the ingredients in these products can affect your fertility? Yep, they do. The Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976 grandfathered in thousands of chemicals whose long term affects on the body were never tested! This is what’s hiding in mainstream products.
Some of the most problematic ingredients include:
  • SLS & SLES
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Fragrance
  • Synthetic Colors
This is what the doctors don’t ask or tell you about. Removing toxins and chemicals gives your body the chance to recalibrate and function properly.

My Bigger Problem
I had been experiencing debilitating migraines for months before this appointment. It took many doctor visits for me to find out that my birth control was the culprit. Jared and I had agreed that we wanted to take at least a year after getting married before trying to have children. Birth control was the “safe” and recommended option. Little did I know that I know that the reason it had caused my migraines to spike was because it had messed up the natural balance of my hormones. That was going to take some work. The good new was, I had options! 

Foods Are Important Too
Shortly after Jared and I got married, we starting following the Trim Healthy Momma lifestyle for our meals and snacks. The biggest change for us was cutting sugar out of our meals. It wasn’t my goal at the time, but it was a step in the right direction for my fertility. Here are some other food tips for fertility.
  • May Promote
    • Antioxidants: specifically folate & zinc which promote the health of sperm and eggs
    • Fiber: helps to remove excess estrogen from the body
    • Vitamins: folate which is the natural version of folic acid; this promotes fertility
    • Iron
  • May Harm
    • Trans Fat: messes with the ovaries; you’ll find it in vegetable oil, margarine, fried foods, and baked goods
    • Refined Carbs like sugary foods & drink and processed grains
    • Caffeine: more than 500mg a day may add months to TTC calendar
    • Alcohol: 14+ drinks per week can add time to TTC calendar
My Miracle
Are you wondering what I chose to do that worked? This is my favorite thing to share!
After that unforgettable doctor’s appointment, I reached out to a friend who had lots of experience in the natural health world. I figured if anyone could tell me where to start doing some research, it would be her. She pointed me in a direction, and I took it from there. I cannot share exactly what I did on a public forum, but I love personal conversations. Within one month of consistently applying what I had learned, I had a positive pregnancy test! Please keep in mind that this was on top of all the other lifestyle changes I had made.


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