We’ve all heard it said by some well meaning family member or friend who has never experienced the mental and emotional turmoil that we do every day. “It’s all in your head.” They think this phrase will help us “snap out of it” or make us realize that what we fear isn’t real. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy or simple. However, there are physical things that we can explore to help our mental wellness. How about a topical blog series? Let’s start with an overview.

Nutritional Needs for Healthy Emotions
When we lack the proper nutrients, our brain cannot properly process the input it receives. This includes all our senses including emotional ones. It also needs these nutrients to flip the correct switches to maintain connections needed to produce healthy emotional responses. 

Your Gut & Brain are Connected
The gut/brain connection is becoming a bit of a “hot topic” lately. While it’s popularity is somewhat new, the concept is not. The health of our gut very much determines the efficiency and happiness of our brain and emotions.

Liquid Worry
Don’t hate me… I’ve had to work on this one myself. Caffeine is known for irritating emotions of worry or fear. A cup of coffee a day may be ok, but multiple cups all day long is more than likely only instigating trouble.

Shake it Off
Do you get shaky when your emotions are running high? I sure do! One of the best things you can do is any type of movement: shake your arms or legs, go for a walk, do a few jumping jacks, just move.

It Hurtz
Music is a powerful tool for our emotions and each song falls into a range called hurtz. Certain hurtz can ignite certain emotional states.

Hear Me Out
Certain points around your ears can affect your emotions when massaged. It sounds crazy, but it works. We’ll dig into this later.

Breathe & Tap
This was mentioned in the PDF you’ve already recieved, but I want to break this down a bit more in a separate blog post.

Are you in to learn more? Keep your eyes open for more!


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