This is something I just learned! I probably eventually could have pieced it together, but never heard anyone say it flat out. It really struck me especially because it was in relation to fertility.

We were talking about the liver and how you can take care of it. Some signs that your liver needs help is when you are having hormonal imbalances and a host of other things. When they mentioned that the liver plays a role in hormones, and of course they control our fertility, someone said that a friend of theirs had done a liver and colon cleanse and shortly thereafter got pregnant after not being pregnant for a long, long time.

When I heard that, it really did jump out at me and I knew I had to share! So, let’s just talk through why those are connected and how you can give your liver some love so that your fertility can also be impacted. Loving your liver and giving it what it needs is going to improve a host of things because it is proabably the hardest working organ in your body, maybe second to the heart, but without either one of them, you will soon be dead. I know you need all your organs, but this one, does a lot!

The liver is the biggest filter in your body and actually filters 1/4 of your blood every minute! It’s filtering out things like toxic chemicals that you come in contact with while out and about. Things in products that you may use, medication you may be taking, hormones that are dead and need to leave your body, and antibiotics that may have been added to animals you have eaten. I am not a vegetarian and am not saying anyone should be, but those are things that are in our modern day world, especially if you eat non organic meat like I do. Someday when my budget allows, I’ll upgrade to organic meat, but until then, I trust that the Lord will honor the choices I do make on the budget I have.

So let’s connect the liver directly to your fertility. Since it responsible for flushing dead hormones out of the body, it has to have an open pathway for them to leave. That pathway is the colon, and sometimes urine, but let’s focus on the colon. It has to be clean for things to leave and it traps a lot of gunk besides fecal matter. What if you’re not pooping as often as you should (2-3 times a day) or you struggle to poop?

If you’re constipated, there are things you can do to clean that out before cleansing the liver. Pooping is one of the ways the body gets rid of excess estrogen. Estrogen dominance has a negative impact on your body, especially hormones and fertility. When you can’t move the dead hormones out via your poop, your body is still receiving the signal that you have the hormones you need. Therefore, you aren’t making new and healthy ones that can actually do the function they are meant to do. To cleanse the colon, get healthy fiber in your diet. Fruits and veggies are a great source of fiber. You can also use a fiber supplement like this.

Once you get the colon clean, you can cleanse the liver. The best thing you can do is drink plenty of clean water to help it move everything through with ease. By “clean water” I mean filtered to remove the nasty stuff in tap water. I won’t go into great detail, but one thing commonly found in tap water is medication. You wouldn’t take someone else’s meds that aren’t intended for you on purpose, but drinking tap water can expose you to that. Investing in a good water filter is important. It’s the next improvement in my home that I plan to make when I am able. Also, look for foods that are good for your liver. I’m sure you can find some in a simple online search. Lemon is also supportive to the liver. I like to add a drop of Lemon Vitality™ oil from Young Living® to my water. I only consume oils for Young Living® because they are dietary grade. I would also warn you not to consume any other brand, especially from the store or amazon. I can’t vouch for their purity or safety. You can also squeeze a fresh, organic lemon in your water for similar benefits. 

Now that you have your liver and colon clean, you are able to flush the dead hormones and you brain can receive the message that you need to create new, healthy hormones. When the dead ones are there, your body can detect them, but it cannot tell that they are dead. That’s where the challenges arise. So here’s t0 clean livers, colons, and healthy hormones that can encourage your fertility to be the best is can!

*Nothing in this blog is meant to be medical advice or an attempt to diagnose or treat any disease. I share it as educational content that you can take and empower your own wellness. 


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