If you struggle with strong emotions, it’s likely that the beloved morning beverage, coffee, is a culprit. As comforting as it seems in the moment, it can really mess with your emotional state throughout the day. I’m not saying you have to give it up entirely, but allow me to show you what it can do.

Elevated Emotional Levels
Science has shown that coffee can aggravate emotional states like anxiety and panic. Some experts will go so far to say that some people experience coffee induced anxiety. This happens when the high levels of caffeine hit and elevate all sorts of bodily functions including emotional responses. These responses are possible because of the way caffeine impacts the nervous system by blocking and stimulating receptors in the brain.
Depleted Vitamins & Minerals
These nutrients are very important to have for the brain and emotions to function correctly. There will be an entire blog post on their importance to mental wellness coming soon. While you watch for that, think about this fact. One cup of coffee depletes the body of a day’s worth of vitamins and minerals. 

Toxin Exposure
Typical coffees are sprayed with pesticides, may be genetically modified, and have artificial flavors added to them. These things are filled with toxins that attack the brain, our organs, and gut. When this happens, our emotions take a hit because all of those parts of our body are tied to our emotional and mental wellness. I used to think that was a bunch of crazy, fear filled talk that old grannies spit out because they were so old fashioned. Over the last couple years, I have come to personally experience the truth of those statements. I’ve made healthier swaps in my diet, reduced the toxins in my home, and focused on my gut health. The difference is impossible to ignore. If you continue to drink coffee, I highly encourage you to purchase an organic brand to reduce the amount of toxins. Also, look into what is done to decaf coffee to remove the caffeine. This is not a better alternative unfortunately. 

But I’ll be Exhausted
I hear you! I used to rely on coffee to get me through the day too. The good news is, there are natural sources of caffeine that aren’t so hard on the body and even some nutrients that can help. I highly encourage you to add protein and vitamin B’s to your diet to support your energy levels. Take a peek here to see some of my favorite energy helps including an all natural energy drink.


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