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Bible Themed Coloring Books

ABC’s of the Bible
The ABC’s of the Bible coloring book is an engaging and educational resource for children, introducing them to key concepts and stories from the Bible through a fun and creative coloring experience. Each page features a letter of the alphabet paired with a corresponding Bible theme, providing a delightful way for kids to learn about biblical characters, events, and teachings while expressing their creativity through coloring. This interactive coloring book aims to make learning about the Bible enjoyable and memorable for young readers. All scripture quotations are KJV. 

123’s of the Bible
The 123’s of the Bible coloring book is a captivating and educational resource designed to introduce children to fundamental numerical concepts while exploring the teachings of the Bible. Each page features a number from 1 to 20 paired with a corresponding biblical theme, providing a delightful opportunity for children to color and learn simultaneously. With engaging illustrations and simple yet meaningful connections to scripture, this coloring book brings the numerical world to life through the lens of the Bible. There are also some fun activity pages included. All scripture quotations from the KJV.

Names of the Bible
The Names of the Bible coloring book is a captivating journey into the meaningful and significant names found throughout the scriptures. Each page features a different name from the Bible, accompanied by an engaging illustration and short description of who they were. Through coloring, your child will discover the stories and significance associated with biblical names, connecting with the characters and who they were. This coloring book not only provides an enjoyable and creative activity but also serves as an educational tool, fostering a deeper understanding of the rich tapestry of names in the Bible.

Jobs of the Bible
The Jobs of the Bible coloring book is an enriching and creative exploration of various roles and professions found within the pages of the Bible. Each page features a different job, accompanied by an engaging illustration and relevant scripture reference. Through coloring, children will discover the diverse array of occupations mentioned in the Bible, from bakers to tent makers. This coloring book not only provides an entertaining activity but also serves as a unique educational tool, highlighting the different jobs held by biblical figures. It's a delightful way for young readers to connect with the rich stories and teachings of the Bible while expressing their creativity through coloring.

“Of the Bible” Bundle
Introducing the Of the Bible Coloring Book Bundle – a delightful and educational set that combines four engaging titles: "ABC’s of the Bible," "123’s of the Bible," "Jobs of the Bible," and "Names of the Bible." This comprehensive collection provides an immersive journey through the alphabet, numerical concepts, diverse professions, and meaningful names found in the Bible.With vibrant illustrations and corresponding scripture verses, each coloring book offers a unique exploration of biblical themes, characters, and teachings. By bundling these four titles together, we're excited to offer our customers a 12% savings, making it an affordable and enriching resource for your child.

The Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments coloring book is a captivating and educational activity book that brings to life the timeless moral principles outlined in the Bible. Each page features engaging illustrations representing the Ten Commandments, providing a visually appealing way for your child to learn and internalize these fundamental guidelines for righteous living. This coloring book not only serves as a creative outlet but also includes a dedicated page for scripture memory. It's a valuable tool for fostering a deeper understanding of ethical and moral values while engaging in a fun and meaningful activity. All scripture quotations from the KJV.

Fruit of the Spirit
The Fruit of the Spirit coloring book is a delightful and uplifting activity book that combines the joy of coloring with the exploration of key virtues. Each page features intricate illustrations centered around the fruits of the Spirit as mentioned in the Bible. Additionally, the coloring book includes a dedicated page for scripture memory, encouraging users to engage with and memorize relevant Bible verses that correspond to each fruit of the Spirit. All scripture quotations from the KJV.

Attributes of God
Embark on a colorful journey of spiritual discovery with “Attributes of God” a captivating coloring book designed to introduce your child to the attributes of God. Each page of this book features a unique attribute corresponding to a letter of the alphabet, accompanied by a carefully selected Bible verse from the King James Version that reinforces the concept. From 'A' for Almighty to 'Z' for Zealous, every attribute is beautifully illustrated, inviting your child to bring these divine qualities to life with their own creative touch. The designs and patterns provide an engaging coloring experience while fostering a deeper understanding of God's nature.

Armor of God
This engaging coloring book introduces children to the powerful spiritual armor God gives them. Inside, young readers will discover vibrant pages showcasing the Helmet of Salvation, Breastplate of Righteousness, Belt of Truth, Shield of Faith, Shoes of Peace, and the Sword of the Spirit. Accompanying each illustration is a child-friendly explanation of the significance of each piece, providing a simple and memorable understanding of these biblical concepts. The adventure doesn't stop there! It also includes fun and educational activities to reinforce learning. Kids can enjoy word searches, crossword puzzles, and other interactive challenges that encourage them to recall and apply what they've learned about the armor of God. This coloring book not only sparks creativity but also nurtures spiritual growth in a playful and enjoyable manner. It’s perfect for Sunday school classes, homeschooling, or quiet afternoons at home.

Bible Theme Bundle
Embark on a spiritual journey with our Bible themed coloring book bundle designed specifically for children. Explore the vibrant world of “Fruits of the Spirit,” “Armor of God,” “The Ten Commandments,” and “Attributes of God” through intricate illustrations and verses from the King James Version of the Bible. Nurture both creativity and faith in your little ones as they color their way through these divine messages. This bundle offers a 12% savings, making it a delightful and spiritual addition to your child's collection of coloring books.

The Way to Heaven
These features engaging illustrations and simple, age-appropriate language to convey how to be saved. As your child walks through the story of Lilliahna (for girls) or Greg (for boys) who have heard about salvation and are about to accept Jesus as their savior. They will be reminded that no works can get them there, and that Jesus has paid the full price for their sin. It also includes a page that helps your child learn to share salvation with others. All scripture quotations are from the KJV.

Sermon Notebooks

For the Boys
The child's sermon notebook is a vibrant and engaging tool designed to help young ones actively participate and learn during church services. The notebook features a thoughtfully crafted page layout that encourages note-taking and creative expression. Each page includes designated spaces for essential information, such as the specific Bible passage being taught, the name of the speaker, and a section for jotting down a valuable lesson learned. Children can also illustrate a picture related to the sermon, allowing them to visually capture and connect with the teachings. This interactive approach not only reinforces the learning experience but also makes the process enjoyable for young minds. The child's sermon notebook serves as a valuable companion for spiritual growth, promoting active listening, reflection, and artistic expression in a wholesome and accessible format. Available in soft or hardcover with over 100 pages to last an entire year.

For the Girls

Health Themed Coloring

Healthy Kids
Embark on a coloring adventure with “Healthy Kids," a delightful coloring book designed to empower children to own their health! This engaging book not only sparks creativity but also teaches essential health concepts to young minds. From choosing colorful fruits and veggies for a balanced diet to mastering the art of handwashing, each page is a color lesson in cultivating healthy habits. The interactive illustrations inspire children to make wise choices for their well-being while enjoying the artistic journey. "Healthy Kids" is the perfect blend of fun and education, encouraging kids to embrace a vibrant and wholesome lifestyle one colorful stroke at a time.
Happy Kids
Dive into the world of "Happy Kids," a coloring book designed to nurture the foundation of mental wellness in young hearts and minds. It's a guide for children to explore essential practices for a happy and balanced mind. From embracing positive emotions to practicing mindfulness, each page is a canvas for young artists to express themselves while absorbing valuable lessons about mental well-being. "Happy Kids" equips children with the tools to foster a positive mindset. Let the strokes of color transform into smiles and resilience with this empowering coloring book for young mental health champions.

Hungry Kids
Unleash the appetite for knowledge with "Hungry Kids," a delightful coloring book that transforms young artists into nutritional explorers! Bursting with scrumptious illustrations, this engaging book introduces children to the world of healthy eating in a fun and interactive way. From vibrant fruits and veggies to delicious grains and proteins, each page serves up a delightful canvas for kids to explore while learning about the importance of healthy nutrition. "Hungry Kids" not only encourages creative expression but also plants the seeds for lifelong healthy eating habits. Ignite the joy of discovery and nourishment with this coloring adventure that makes every stroke a step towards a flavorful and nutritious journey.

Oily Kids
Embark on a fragrant journey with "Oily Kids," a captivating coloring book that introduces young minds to the wonders of essential oils. Each page of this delightful adventure unfolds the secrets of these aromatic treasures, showcasing their individual uses and benefits. From the calming whispers of lavender to the zesty energy of citrus, children will discover the power of nature's scents while expressing their creativity through vibrant coloring activities. "Oily Kids" is not just a coloring book; it's an aromatic exploration that educates and engages, making learning about essential oils a playful and multisensory experience for little artists. Unleash the colors and scents with this unique journey into the world of aromatherapy for kids. It is not written specific to any brand so everyone can enjoy.

Health Theme Bundle
This is a delightful and educational collection designed to inspire healthy habits in children while making learning fun through coloring. This bundle includes four engaging titles: "Healthy Kids," "Hungry Kids," "Happy Kids," and "Oily Kids," offering a well-rounded approach to children's well-being. By purchasing this bundle, customers not only provide a creative outlet for their children but also enjoy a 12% savings compared to buying each book individually. This comprehensive bundle is a perfect gift for parents, educators, and caregivers who prioritize holistic development and well-being in the early years of a child's life. Let the colors of health, happiness, and learning come to life with this enriching coloring book collection!

Learning Coloring Books

Color Your ABC’s
Embark on a vibrant journey through the alphabet where each page introduces a whimsically characterized letter, transforming the alphabet into a delightful cast of characters. Every letter is paired with an illustration of an object that begins with that letter, encouraging kids to associate the sounds with real-life items. This coloring book is not just a tool for learning letters; it's a fun and educational adventure that combines play and education, making it an ideal companion for young learners as they embark on their first steps into the world of reading and language.

Color Your 123’s
This delightful coloring book transforms learning numbers into a playful adventure. Each page features a charmingly characterized number, turning counting into a fun-filled journey. Accompanying each numbered character is a lively illustration of objects to count, allowing kids to practice their counting skills in an engaging and interactive way. The whimsical characters and captivating scenes make learning to count a joyous experience for young minds. It's a fantastic tool for building foundational numeracy skills while sparking creativity in a delightful and entertaining manner.

Color Your Shapes
This delightful coloring book is designed to introduce children to the world of shapes while encouraging them to recognize these forms in everyday objects. As children color in these pages, they'll also encounter scenes where the highlighted shapes are cleverly incorporated into real-world objects. From a round sun in the sky to a square present on the birthday page, this coloring book transforms shape recognition into a fun and interactive experience. It's a wonderful tool for young minds to learn and explore, combining the joy of coloring with the excitement of discovering shapes all around them. Let the adventure begin as children color their way to shape mastery!

Color Your Animals
This captivating coloring book introduces children to a colorful array of animals. Every drawing comes to life with a snippet of information, making it a fun and educational experience for children. It’s the perfect blend of creativity and knowledge, offering children the opportunity to explore their artistic talents while learning interesting facts about the incredible animals that live with us. It's a delightful and informative coloring adventure that will inspire a love for animals and a thirst for learning in every child.

Color Your Colors
This unique coloring book is a playful guide to the world of colors, designed to teach kids not only about individual colors but also the magical art of color mixing. As young artists bring these characters to life with their coloring tools, they'll also explore the exciting world of color combinations. Each page explain which colors mix to create new ones and give illustrations of something that is commonly that color. Through hands-on coloring, children will intuitively grasp the concept of color theory, making this book an entertaining and educational resource for budding artists and color enthusiasts alike.
Color Your Manners
This charming coloring book is not just about colors; it's a simple guide to instilling good manners in young minds. Each page introduces a lovable character demonstrating a specific manner, from saying “thank you” to waiting their turn. As kids bring these characters to life with their creative coloring, they'll also discover simple examples of each manner. It's a tool for nurturing positive behavior. With adorable characters and relatable examples, this book makes learning manners a joyful and interactive experience for children, helping them embrace the magic of being polite in their everyday adventures.

Color Your Bundle
This delightful collection is designed to engage and educate young minds through the joy of coloring. Packed with six vibrant titles, including "Color Your ABC’s," "Color Your 123’s," "Color Your Shapes," "Color Your Animals," "Color Your Manners," and "Color Your Colors," this bundle is the perfect blend of fun and education. Each coloring book is carefully crafted to enhance fine motor skills, reinforce cognitive development, and foster a love for learning. With engaging activities and captivating illustrations, the Color Your Coloring Book Bundle is a must-have for parents and educators seeking a delightful, educational tool for children's early development. This bundle offers you a 16% savings to make learning fun and affordable.

Color Your Sign Language Alphabet
This unique coloring book introduces children to the wonders of the sign language alphabet, offering a vibrant and interactive way to learn the ABCs. Each page features a beautiful sign image of a letter of the alphabet, making sign language accessible and engaging. As young artists bring these characters to life with their vibrant hues, they'll also discover the corresponding sign for each letter. It's a celebration of inclusivity and understanding. With captivating illustrations and an educational foundation, this coloring book invites children to explore the beauty of sign language.

Trace & Color Books

Trace Your Capital Letters
This engaging activity book combines the excitement of exploration with essential letter formation skills, ensuring children develop strong foundational handwriting abilities. As children progress through the pages, they not only master the art of tracing capital letters but also see an example of using that capital letter in every day ways. Each page also has a picture to go with the example that can be colored to make the experience even more fun.

Trace Your Lowercase Letters
A delightful book designed to turn letter tracing into an imaginative adventure for young learners. This engaging activity book is crafted to teach children the art of tracing lowercase letters while providing a vibrant picture to color alongside each one.
Inside the pages, kids will discover a magical journey through the lowercase alphabet. From the gentle curves of 'a' to the playful loops of 'g,' each letter comes to life with an accompanying scene that sparks creativity and reinforces proper letter formation. This book is a fantastic tool to foster fine motor skills, creativity, and a lifelong love for language. Let the lowercase adventure begin!

Trace Your Numbers
This interactive activity book combines essential numerical skills and coloring, providing children with the perfect blend of education and creativity. As children trace and color their way through, they not only grasp the concept of numbers but also develop fine motor skills and creative expression. This book is a delightful introduction to numeracy, making learning an exciting journey into the wild world of numbers.

Trace Your Shapes
Dive into the vibrant world of shapes where young artists embark on an exciting coloring journey to discover and trace basic shapes! This delightful coloring book is designed to engage and educate kids as they practice tracing circles, squares, triangles, and more. Each page features adorable illustrations and outlines of everyday objects that cleverly incorporate different shapes. From the circles on stoplights to the square cut of brownies, children will learn to identify and trace shapes seamlessly. With easy-to-follow guidelines and plenty of space for creative expression, "Trace Your Shapes" not only enhances fine motor skills but also helps children recognize shapes in their surroundings. Filled with whimsy and educational fun, this coloring book is the perfect blend of entertainment and learning for budding artists and curious minds!

Trace Your Bundle

This delightful set includes four captivating titles that guide kids through the exciting world of letters, numbers, and shapes: "Trace Your Capital Letters," "Trace Your Lowercase Letters," "Trace Your Numbers" and "Trace Your Shapes." With this comprehensive bundle, your little one will not only master the art of tracing but also lay the foundation for a strong educational start. Plus, enjoy a 12% savings when you invest in the ultimate tracing bundle for eager young minds! Engage, inspire, and watch as their confidence grows with this budget-friendly, educational adventure.

Trace Your Animals
This delightful book invites young artists to trace their favorite animals, from the majestic lion to the playful monkey. Each page features a charming illustration of a different creature, accompanied by simple, dotted lines for easy tracing. As children trace along the lines, they not only enhance their fine motor skills but also bring these adorable animals to life with their own vibrant colors. This interactive and educational coloring book is perfect for fostering creativity and providing hours of artistic enjoyment for little ones, making learning about animals an exciting and imaginative journey.

Animal Themed Coloring Books

Animals on the Land
Embark on a captivating coloring expedition with "Animals on the Land," a delightful children's coloring book that unveils the remarkable world of terrestrial creatures and the unique features God designed for them to thrive in their diverse environments. As your child bring the pages to life with color, they'll learn about God's ingenious creation. Each illustration tells a story of divine craftsmanship, showcasing the beauty and variety of landscapes where these animals call home. The coloring activities not only inspire creativity but also foster an appreciation for the Creator's thoughtful design in crafting creatures to navigate the vast and varied terrains of our planet.

Animals in the Air
Soar into the enchanting skies with "Animals in the Air," a delightful children's coloring book that introduces your child to the incredible world of birds and the unique features God bestowed upon them for life in the air. As kids fill the pages with an array of colors, they'll learn about the divine craftsmanship. Each illustration unveils the Creator's thoughtful design, showcasing the beauty and diversity of habitats where these feathered wonders dwell. The coloring activities not only ignite creativity but also instill a sense of wonder about the intentional features that enable birds to navigate the skies with grace and purpose.

Animals in the Water
Dive into the enchanting world of "Animals in the Water," a delightful children's coloring book that explores the wonders of aquatic life and the special features God created for each water-dwelling creature. From the playful dolphins with their streamlined bodies to the graceful sea turtles equipped with sturdy shells, young artists will discover the unique designs that help these animals thrive in their watery homes. It is more than just a coloring book; it's a journey of discovery that combines the joy of coloring with the awe-inspiring tales of how God intricately designed these water animals.

Animals of the Past
Embark on an exciting journey through time with "Animals of the Past," a thrilling children's coloring book that introduces young paleontologists to the fascinating world of dinosaurs and their ancient counterparts. From the Triceratops to the Brontosaurus, budding artists will not only have fun coloring these prehistoric creatures but also learn each dinosaur's name. "Animals of the Past" is more than just a coloring book; it's a dino-mite adventure that combines the joy of coloring with the amazing creatures that once roamed the earth.

All the Animals Bundle
Immerse young minds in the marvels of creation with our All the Animals Coloring Bundle. This delightful collection includes four captivating coloring books – "Animals on the Land," "Animals in the Air," "Animals in the Water," and "Animals of the Past." Each book takes children on an enriching exploration of the animal kingdom, revealing how God's masterful design has equipped creatures with special features for their unique environments. This comprehensive coloring bundle not only sparks creativity but also imparts valuable knowledge about the intentional design woven into each creature by the Creator. It also offers you a 12% savings to make learning not only fun but also affordable. 

Color By Number Books

This delightful coloring book features a menagerie of adorable creatures, from unique unicorns to majestic lions. Each page is intricately designed with numbered sections, guiding young artists to bring these charming animals to life with a rainbow of colors. This engaging and educational activity not only enhances children's fine motor skills but also introduces them to the captivating world of animals. Let creativity soar as your little ones paint their way through this captivating collection of wild wonders!

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